MAplestone School
A Non-Profit School Providing Innovative Approaches to Education
State of Maine Dept. of Education Certified Special Purpose School for students with special needs
Referral based enrollment: Serving surrounding school districts in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts
 Non-Residential rural farm setting
Hands-on approach with integrated academics emphasizing equine studies and farm management
Student/Teacher ratio:
Unique opportunities for students:
- Field trips
-NARHA volunteer
- Co-op program
- Vocational skills
- Horseback riding and              
   driving instruction
- Community service
Exec. Director and Co-Founder: Keith Davis
Phone: 207-477-2829
Fax:  207-477-2820
P.O. Box 588
Acton, ME 04001  
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Please Contact MapleStone for updated information regarding other programs being offered or for tours and more information.
Animal Science/Farm Management Program
Students enrolled in the Animal Science/Farm Management program at MapleStone will be involved in a hands-on approach to learning that emphasizes equine studies in anatomy, physiology, health, horse psychology, and stable management. Additionally, the animal science theme is integrated with the delivery of academics in all subject areas. Instruction in riding and driving includes preparation, safety, and proper positioning for each equine activity. Utilizing basic horsemanship skills in caring for their equine partners facilitates personal empowerment, self-confidence, and self-esteem. The enjoyment of being outdoors and bonding with a horse can be emotionally and physically beneficial.
MapleStone’s outdoor educational activity and on-going construction by students echo throughout the changing seasons in this otherwise quiet country setting. Teamwork, problem solving, and learning the value of choice, trust, respect, and responsibility are emphasized. The content for this type of instruction is a curriculum relevant to real life experiences which may extend beyond the classroom into the community.
Community service projects are initiated and completed by students. Field trips, both planned and spontaneous, are integral parts of the program. Students receive quarterly grades along with a stipend based upon those grades. Student stipends are used to teach students income management skills and prepare them for the future.
Graduates of the Animal Science/Farm Management program continue on to post secondary education or enter the work force with a high school diploma. In their senior year students are eligible to apply for an internship position through MapleStone’s Co-op program.
In addition to the Co-op program, Animal Science/Farm Management program participants have opportunities to meet various professionals in the field through demonstrations, field trips (local and national), and through management of their equine partners. It is a goal of MapleStone to expose students to a variety of people and places to prepare them for life after secondary education.  
Farm Management
Farm Management education compliments the animal science curriculum as they are combined in real life. This Animal Science/Farm Management program has a “from the ground up” approach as designed by Nils Pearson, accomplished general site contractor,  associate instructor, and key founder of MapleStone. Each skill that is mastered allows the student to progress and expand upon a solid base.
Students begin by learning basic safety procedures and effective communication skills. Pupils master basic skills while planning and working on projects such as trail building, utility building construction, road maintenance, animal waste management, field construction, fencing, and many other construction projects associated with farm management and the animal science industry.
Additionally, senior students have the option to prepare for the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) test. A CDL can be a valuable asset for increasing employment options and creating future opportunities. Skills student learn from this program can be applied to many industries. Program development is subject to change with progression and demands.
******MapleStone is a referral based program and works closely with surrounding school districts in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. For more information please contact Keith Davis, Executive Director at Maplestone (207) 477-2829.